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The guide is based on the book originally written by John Norris between 1990 and 2016 and covers both the Brecon & Abergavenny canal and the Monmouthshire canal. John is a well-known and respected canal historian and in 2016 decided to sell his boat and retire from publishing the guide.  He handed the responsibility to Phil and Judith Hughes. Phil first discovered the canal in 1989 when he bought his first boat and for eight years Phil managed the Fourteen Locks Canal Centre using his vast knowledge to raise the profile of MBACT and the work they were carrying out.

I am pleased to say the publication will continue edited by me. To keep the new guide up to date I will rely on your input informing me of any changes you encounter on the canal and walks so that I can constantly update the download sheet and report them to the relevant persons. You can download the update sheet from the link to the right.

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